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Hindu University of America (HUA) has three fundamental commitments: 

  1. Restoration: Recover and preserve Hindu Spiritual and Intellectual Capital for future generations
  2. Re-evaluation: Review and Repair Orientalist and Indological narratives about Hindu culture and civilization
  3. Contribution: Articulate and Offer a Hindu Dharmic perspective and a Spiritual corrective to an unsustainable and hyper-competitive world.

Since June of 2018, Hindu University of America (HUA) has grown as depicted in the below chart.

Cumululative Student Growth

This growth has been built on the foundation of the quality of our course offerings. If you haven't yet taken a course with HUA, a good place to start is the "Orientation to Hindu Studies" course.

Hindu University of America is a Florida based 501(c)3 Non-Profit tax-exempt organization. Your contributions will be fully tax-exempt.

HUA is Your University

We invite you to embrace HUA as an institution of strategic importance for the Hindu community. Since HUA launched this year's 2021-22 fundraising campaign, we have raised $2,193,568 from 229 donors. We thank everyone who has participated till date. 

Hindu University of America Inc
Tax ID / EIN: 59-2977691
Address: 5200 Vineland Rd Ste 120, Orlando FL 32811
Email for any inquiries / questions:
Phone: (407) 205-2118
Note: HUA is registered with several organizations for corporate donation match. We request donors to check with their companies for matching grants and contact us if we need to register with their organization.
For donations, please use the below info:
1. Contributions via Card or ACH can be made here
2. For Zelle transfers, please send your contribution to
3. If mailing a check, please make it payable to Hindu University of America and mail it to:
C/O Aravind Swami
29484 N 113th Ln
Peoria AZ 85383

All gifts large and small are welcome. Kindly share this link with your family & friends and encourage them to contribute!

Om Shanti